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WebCenter for Oracle Marketplace on OCI Technology

Unequaled Oracle WebCenter expertise

Oracle’s strategic pivot towards WebCenter Technology within its Marketplace signals a significant evolution in content management solutions. As Oracle Content Management transitions towards its End of Life phase, enterprises now have the opportunity to fully harness the robust capabilities of WebCenter for their enterprise content management needs, portal development, and web experience management.

Furthermore, within the Oracle Marketplace, there exists a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) option, facilitating the rapid deployment of WebCenter Content, Imaging & Enterprise Capture 12c within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This streamlined approach underscores Oracle’s dedication to furnishing organizations with a centralized platform for content management and collaborative endeavors.

Explore Oracle Marketplace for WebCenter to streamline your content management processes and bolster collaboration within your enterprise.

Key Features

Enterprise Content Management

Streamline the organization, storage, and retrieval of digital content across the enterprise, ensuring efficient content lifecycle management.

Portal Development

Create centralized digital hubs for accessing information, resources, and applications, fostering collaboration and improving user engagement.

Web Experience Management

Enhance the user experience across digital channels by optimizing content delivery, personalization, and interaction, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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