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Sales Order Portal

oAppsNET Group is an Oracle Partner that specializes in financial business solutions based on the Oracle ecosystem. With pre-built connectors to Oracle EBS and customizable pre-built workflows.

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Eliminate manual workflows and increase efficiency

Prebuilt Workflows

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oAppsNET's solution integrates with several AI solutions and their related prebuilt models to simplify the data extract process

Artificial Intelligence

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Order Management Automation

A consulting team averaging 20+ years of hands-on experience and well versed in the order management automation space is available to help your business succeed.

The OAN Order Management application provides a workspace where people, processes, and technology come together.  Cutting-edge technology is used to greatly simplify and automate mundane tasks so that the Customer Service team can better focus their time on value-added activities that will increase their customer engagement.

The OAN Order Management application consists of pre-built & pre-configured workflows along with multiple Oracle ERP connectors that make our implementation a breeze.

If your organization has multiple ERP systems, then the OAN application can front end all those ERP systems (i.e., Oracle, Microsoft) to give your organization a global single-entry point and process.  If you want to transform your order entry process without upgrading or updating your ERP systems, then our OAN order management application is your answer.

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Latest Release 2.2: 1/10/2024

  • Pre-built workflow-enabled processing of raw sales order data into structured data
  • Option to use WEC/WFR and/or AI to extract order information
  • Integrated with OAN Business Docs
  • Ease of validating and correcting extracted data
  • Seamless touchless synchronization of master data from ERP systems
  • Pre-built connector to Oracle Fusion to create sales order
  • Workflow-enabled flows to prioritize incoming documents for processing thereby improving SLAs
  • Seamless integration of Oracle Content Management to store and retrieve ordering documents
  • Workflow-enabled orchestration provides a single-hub portal for all order sources with feedback loop to and from ERP systems

Our patented three-prong approach allows us to cover all aspects of your business’s digital transformation.

  • Reduced time to enter orders for CSRs enabling them to focus on other critical customer-facing activities
  • CSRs can easily troubleshoot order entry data before sending the data to ERP
  • Ability for team members to collaborate online before sales order creation
  • Teams can prioritize the order of processing and can focus on the critical orders first
  • Greater sense of ownership amongst teams and CSRs 
  • Ability for CSRs to process their documents in a timely manner
  • Enables Customer Service Managers to identify bottlenecks and spot process improvements

The cycle continues with People using these improvements to improve the overall Process!

    • Ordering documents are guided through a standard set of workflows, steps, statuses, and actions which ensure the documents are fully prepared for the final destination…the ERP system
    • Workflows are fully configurable to meet your specific business needs
      Standard and custom business rules are applied to keep the document on the right track
    • Status summary dashboards bring visibility to process trends and bottlenecks
    • The portal unifies Sales order entry in a single global process which can be used across multiple shared service centers and ERP systems
    • Audit and Compliance support is provided via Recorded Event History throughout the entire Sales Order Automation process (Capture Order to Post Import into ERP)

The process cannot be made a reality without the use of technology …

  • Provides user interface which is pleasant and easy to use
  • Platform to efficiently gather the information needed create a sales order
  • Tightly integrates with the ERP system
  • Utilization of ERP setups and configurations to apply specific business rules/validations
  • Seamless interface process into the ERP system
  • Apply AI and business logic to:
    • Automate the derivation of data
    • Automate the triggering of flow actions
    • Identify exceptions
  • Real-time metrics
  • Easily integrates with existing User Security software
  • Integration with common User Security platforms
  • Role-Based Security by Shared Service Center

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