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WFR Reporting

oAppsNET Group is an Oracle Partner that specializes in financial business solutions based on the Oracle ecosystem. With pre-built WFR reports that are customizable.

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WebCenter Form Recognition (WFR) Reporting for Everyone

Oracle WFR – OCR Extraction Tool

Oracle WebCenter Forms Recognition is a powerful OCR extraction and PO matching  tool in the Oracle AP solution.  WFR extracts invoice data, matches PO based invoices and thus  reduces manual steps required to manually key invoices into your ERP.  The delivered WFR software from Oracle does not provide any OCR extraction statistics or status of the invoice while in WFR..

oAppsNET WFR Reporting Application

The oAppsNET built a WFR Reporting application that uses the latest version of Oracle Application Express (APEX) to provide statistical and performance reports of invoices processed by WFR.  The oAppsNET APEX application is built and supported by oAppsNET at no-cost to Oracle customers.  If you would like an enhancement then please raise a support ticket with oAppsNET at


Reports Included in the application:

  • System Performance Reports
  • In-Flight Invoice Report
  • Invoice To Verifier Report
  • Invoice Processed
  • Invoice Processed – Invoice Details
  • Invoice By State
  • Field Analysis: Changed Fields
  • Field Analysis: Field Validity
  • Vendor Analysis

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Our patented three-prong approach allows us to cover all aspects of your business’s digital transformation.

  • The right people are seeing the right set of data that helps to make the best decisions
  • Provides ability for team members from different groups to collaborate online to prepare an invoice for payment
  • Data is put into the hands of people so they can make informed decisions which save the company money
  • AP Managers can identify bottlenecks and spot process improvements

The cycle continues with People using these improvements to improve the overall Process!

  • Summary views and reports bring visibility to process trends and bottlenecks
  • Audit and Compliance support is provided via:
    Recorded Event History throughout the entire WFR Extraction process
  • Ability to search results and download event history

The process cannot be made a reality without the use of technology …

  • Provides user interface which is pleasant and easy to use
  • Platform to efficiently gather the information 
  • Real-time metrics
  • Integration with common User Security platforms
  • Role-Based Security by Shared Service Center

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