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Oracle Apex Training

Oracle APEX offers a wide range of topics to explore, from beginner to advanced levels.

Our instructor lead Oracle APEX training along with our self-paced training materials will help jumpstart your journey, and you can continue on to more intermediate and advanced topics.

Why invest in Oracle APEX training?

For developers, it enhances skills in rapid application development and integrates existing SQL knowledge into web-based platforms. The training also covers essential web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. From a process standpoint, it teaches effective use of APEX’s built-in version control and debugging tools, facilitating smoother development cycles. Professionally, APEX proficiency can lead to career advancement and offers valuable networking opportunities. Organizations benefit from cost-efficiency due to the low-code nature of APEX, coupled with robust data security features. Training in APEX also aids in standardizing development practices, simplifying maintenance and upgrades. Lastly, staying updated with APEX’s evolving features through training keeps professionals and organizations competitive in the market.

Overall, Oracle APEX training is a strategic investment for skill enhancement, process improvement, and market competitiveness.


8 hours
1 to 5 days


16 hours
2 to 5 days


16 hours
2 to 5 days

Beginner Program

Introduction to Oracle APEX

  • Understanding what APEX is and its purpose.
  • Getting familiar with the APEX development environment.

Creating your First Application

  • Setting up a basic APEX application.
  • Adding pages to the application.
  • Defining data sources.

Page Design & Layout

  • Customizing page layouts.
  • Adding items, buttons, and regions to pages.
  • Basic styling and theming.

Data Modelling

  • Creating database tables or importing data sources.
  • Writing SQL queries to fetch and manipulate data.

Basic Form & Report Development

  • Building simple interactive reports and forms.
  • Configuring validation rules.

Exporting & Importing Applications

  • Moving applications between environments
  • Exporting and importing data

Intermediate Program

Advanced Page Design

  • Mastering the Page Designer.
  • Utilizing dynamic actions for responsive behaviour.

Advanced Data Modelling

  • Implementing complex data models with joins and subqueries.

Advanced Forms and Reports

  • Creating cascading LOVs (List of Values) and master-detail forms.
  • Building charts and dashboards.

Security Fundamentals

  • Implementing basic authentication and authorization.
  • Securing pages and data.

Security Enhancements

  • Implementing Single Sign-On (SSO) and OAuth.
  • Fine-tuning authentication and authorization schemes.

Navigation and Menu Creation

  • Setting up navigation menus.
  • Creating breadcrumb trails for user navigation.

Advanced Program

Custom Authentication & Authorization

  • Implementing custom authentication methods.
  • Fine-grained access control with custom authorization schemes.

Advanced JavaScript &
Dynamic Actions

  • Writing custom JavaScript code for complex client-side interactions.
  • Advanced use of dynamic actions for responsive UIs.

Advanced Data Modelling

  • Leveraging RESTful Web Services and Web Source modules.

Extending Functionality
with Plugins

  • Leveraging third-party plugins for enhanced functionality.

Customizing pages with JS, CSS, AJAX, JQUERY

  • Customizing the page as per requirement with help of JS, CSS, AJAX and JQUERY.

Customizing Templates

  • Customize APEX templates

Integration with External Systems

  • Integrating APEX with external databases and applications.
  • Consuming and providing RESTful APIs.

Level up!

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