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OAN EBS Content Management

oAppsNET & Oracle: Your Powerhouse Partnership for Content Management.


  • Seamless User Experience: OAN Content Management for EBS is natively integrates into Oracle EBS via the toolbar, EBS metadata is automatically capture for the end user, simple methods to attachment documents such as “drag and drop”, upload multiple documents in a single step, and easily access the documents from the ERP or content repository.
  • Enhanced User Security: Ensure users accessing documents are authenticated against the corporate user directory to enhance security by preventing unauthorized access.
  • Encryption: OAN Content Management for EBS application encrypts documents at rest and in transit to ensure safeguarding them from unauthorized access or interception.
  • Audit Trail: OAN Content Management for EBS simplifies audits by storing who created the document, who accessed the document, who update the document, who modified the metadata and automatically incrementing the document so you can perform a comprehensive audit.
  • Database Optimization: Only content management document links are stored in the Oracle ERP database, preventing performance degradation due to large file sizes and allowing for faster ERP backups and nightly cloning.
  • Centralized Document Repository: All EBS records are stored in a centralized repository, facilitating easy access and management.
  • Scalability: OAN Content Management for EBS is expandable to support most ERP processes, such as attaching for Accounts Payable, Vendor Management, Journal Entries, Agreements, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Cash Remittances, and HR related documents

Supporting Documents For Journal Entries

The OAN EBS Content Management provides a seamless way for users to attach backup to journal entries to simplify the process for your Accountants and saving them valuable time during month end activities.

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