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Moving from Oracle EBS Forms To Oracle EBS ADF Pages

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This presentation will explain my journey from an Oracle EBS Forms Developer to an Oracle ADF Pages Developer. My journey starts as an experienced Oracle Forms Developer that is starting a new Oracle ADF application with no knowledge of Oracle ADF “skill set” and ends with supporting an ADF application. Prior to starting this new Oracle ADF application, I had attended some formal Java education training classes, but that was ten years ago so I only remember concepts.

This white paper will highlight the skill sets required to build your ADF application, the steps required to set up your development environment, basic navigation of the Oracle JDeveloper software, creating an ADF application in comparison to Oracle Form development, and finally deploying that application in a WebLogic /Oracle EBS environment.


  1. What are the challenges with transitioning from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF?
  2. How to learn the required programming skillset to build ADF applications?
  3. What are the basic ADF concepts?
  4. Provide side-by-side comparisons between Oracle Forms and Oracle ADF.
  5. How to deploy an application in a Weblogic / Oracle EBS environment?
  6. Provide links to relevant websites explaining key concepts.

Author: Tom Korbecki

March 7, 2020