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Another Vendor Going Out of Business

re are times when a vendor goes out of business, which means leaving procurement to get products from someone else. There can be various reasons why a vendor may go out of business, the vendor has cash flow issues. The vendor cannot meet supply demand, the vendor has been hit by a global pandemic.

Vendor Management Skills

Managing vendors is as important as managing inventory in a business. As a matter of fact, both of these are closely interlinked, considering vendors are the people that help you fill out your inventory. That would be going off on a tangent, though, considering this article is going to talk about the top skills you require to be a cream-of-the-crop vendor manager.

Businesswoman with a digital tablet showing and talking with male worker in distribution warehouse. Manager working with foreman in warehouse checking stock levels.
Vendor Alignment

Vendor alignment is one of the most important parts of a business, simplifying a huge part of business management. It increases the efficiency of your work by onboarding them onto a certain software and increases the profitability greatly.

vendor vetting
AP Automation and Vendor Vetting

📄 This week’s article series focused on Vendor Maintenance. Keeping a tight-knit vendor database can take some time. With supply chain changes happening just about every day now, it`s almost impossible to keep up with vendor changes.

How to keep your vendor happy

Vendors are an essential part of any business. They help keep the business running and supply you with an apt amount of products and/or raw materials. Keeping this in mind, making your vendors happy is quite necessary.

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