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oAppsNet is the sponsor of the Chicago Oracle Users Group 20 in 2020 webinars. Videos are archived here after the live broadcast.

White Papers

ADF and Jdeveloper from an Oracle Forms Perspective

Discussing how Oracle Forms Developers can transition their current skill set to Application Development Framework (ADF).

Moving from Oracle EBS Forms To Oracle EBS ADF Pages

Learn from Tom Korbecki’s journey from an Oracle EBS Forms Developer to an Oracle ADF Pages Developer.

Advanced Training for Development of Oracle Reports 6i / 9i

Get expert training to efficiently generate Oracle Reports. Learn reports, functions, layout, adding additional fields and more.

Extending Advanced Pricing To Custom Applications

Discover techniques of extending standard Advanced Pricing functionality to integrate with custom applications.

Oracle’s Financial Imaging Processing Solution for AP

A great candidate to reduce cost and improve efficiency within organizations is the paper-based accounts payable (AP) invoice process.

The Blog

Assessing Success Within Your AP Departments

To assess the efficiency and success of your accounts payable department, it is important to put an emphasis on not only the quality of work, but each employee’s specific productivity levels, and the overall costs of what it takes to keep your department completely functional and running.

How Automation Can Revolutionize Accounts Payable

The modern workday is changing, and there are heavy concerns swarming the workplace about the security of jobs and how exactly positions may be altered. Amping up productivity in the workplace can be done by physical workers along with new approaches – automation within accounts payable being the future.

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