Accounts Payable

Beyond ACH

Checks and related Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments shouldn’t be left behind when it comes to taking care of your vendors. But cost matters when we process payments. In this blog we discuss some potentially cheaper ways to pay your vendors/suppliers besides checks and ACH.

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Internal Control for Accounts Payable

Employees and outsiders may be taking advantage of your weak internal control system for your accounts payable to siphon extra money off the top. We’ll explain the downsides of a weak internal control, how to identify these problems, and how to make your internal control system even more effective.

Curbing Employee Turnover

Companies need diverse groups of employees to work cohesively in order to make the business succeed. One of the best ways to grow this cohesion is by reducing employee turnover. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can keep your employees productive and willing to work for you each year.

Payment Methods

Let’s face it: Cash is outdated and has been for some time. So how do you get your money in a safe, timely manner? In this article we take a look at possible payment methods and weigh the benefits against the drawbacks.

AP Fraud Part 3: Kickbacks

Anytime you find out an employee is committing fraud in your company, it hurts. For our last entry in our three-part series, we’re going to cover a source of fraud that sometimes hits on a more personal level–kickbacks.

Assessing Success Within Your AP Departments

To assess the efficiency and success of your accounts payable department, it is important to put an emphasis on not only the quality of work, but each employee’s specific productivity levels, and the overall costs of what it takes to keep your department completely functional and running.

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