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A Guide to Oracle APEX

Oracle is software that is very necessary to maintain a database for everyone. It has recently launched an extension, a low-code development platform that is cloud-based and can be managed easily. The users of Oracle APEX are often business analysts and IT-savvy people who want to create applications without asking for help from IT support. These are new classes of developers who are supported by this program; this is good for the entire community as it promotes the development of software via non-professional coders and helps expand people’s knowledge.

This article is a comprehensive guide on Oracle APEX, how you can use it, and its benefits.                                                                                                   

What is Oracle APEX?

First of all, before understanding what APEX is, we need first to understand what Oracle is. Oracle is a DBMS, i.e., a database management system, enabling the user to input, manipulate, and find various forms of data into a database system. These systems can then be accessed through queries; these queries are often taken through another software by the name of SQL. SQL is useful software, even when you are using APEX. This brings us back to our original question, what is oracle APEX?

Oracle APEX is a software where you can develop your software while not knowing much about coding itself. It is a myth that you need to be a professional coder to make a good quality program, especially when you have an application like APEX to help you out. It also gives a faster response time when you make a program, unlike other software, which is slow to compile.

This puts APEX over other compiling software and helps you make programs quickly. Another critical factor that puts APEX above other software is that it can be well integrated with SQL. SQL allows you to get queries swiftly done and helps you make your software much more accessible.

How can you use APEX?

The APEX software is relatively easy to use. Here are a few steps which you need to keep in mind while using this software:

● First of all, make sure to create a workspace for yourself and your team. APEX is software that can be used by multiple users, giving it another edge over other software that performs the same function. This software usually is single-user software, but APEX is open-source software that multiple users can use simultaneously.

● There are various features to view the table and data you have inputted. You need to enter the queries, and voila, you get your answer, your data, and your tables. This is a massive advantage over other software; their lag time is much greater than APEX.

● You can create applications via this software. These applications can be desktop applications, web sheet applications, or mobile applications. What is even better is that these applications don’t require much coding. Being less coding-intensive means that you can devote time to making it look good and improving your user interface and user experience.

These were some uses of Oracle APEX that any user can do without being too involved with the IT department. Now, let’s look at the benefits of Oracle APEX.

Benefits of APEX

There are various benefits of using Oracle APEX over using other such software. Some of them are listed here:

● First, it is low-code development software. This software provides a guided, step-by-step procedure, and it is a browser-based, graph-based software that helps you make applications at an accelerated rate.

● It is a very responsive software, and as a cherry on top, the applications made in it are pretty responsive. You can include charts, graphs, and reports in your application to complete the work seamlessly.

● It is software that helps make applications fast. Not just that, you can also make changes in the applications seamlessly without causing any process complicated.

● You can also build apps with confidence, and it helps you calculate the statistics of your application accurately. This allows a lot during the development cycle of the application you are making.

● Finally, it helps make modern applications for modern times. This means that it is compatible with most file formats that devices nowadays support.


In conclusion, Oracle APEX is a handy software that helps you create applications and tables, manage data, and make sure that every aspect of your application is covered. Therefore, it is essential to know how it works and how you can take complete advantage of this software. Each part and every step is necessary; it helps you make beautiful applications without coding-intensive knowledge and helps you manage data. Hopefully, this article served as a guide to your introduction to Oracle APEX, and you’ll find beautiful applications for the software.

April 21, 2022

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