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Tech Takes Over in Accounting

Our world is constantly changing and technology has been at the forefront of those changes. They also are showing no signs of slowing down. We tend to overlook the signs of technological changes in our lives. For example, we have Amazon Alexa’s in our homes to assist us with playing music, finding recipes, or even ordering food. Other changes tend to be more extreme or seem straight out of a science fiction movie. Have you seen Tesla’s plans to release a life-like robot? Times seem to be crazy now, but we all make investments into technology and automation without even thinking about it most of the time. Why do we make these investments into our daily at-home lives but not in the workplace? That is about to change.

Large firms are making heavy investments into their research and development teams for automation, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. These three fields are leading the way for large and small companies all around the world. Not only will these fields change the way our companies are run, but they will also affect our companies’ cultures as well. The ways we conduct business has been changed drastically since the pandemic struct. This gave companies a large shock and a chance to take a step back and say, “Why are we doing things this way?”

Artificial intelligence in Accounting

Remember those human errors we mentioned before? How often does it happen to an experienced worker? Maybe a few times a year? What if someone made a mistake once and then never again. This is what we get when we combine artificial intelligence into the workplace. A mechanical brain that is the center of perfection. You will never have to be plagued with the inconsistencies of human error and you can live in harmony with your operating systems.

Data analytics in Accounting or KPI´s

This field is one of the fastest-growing fields in business. Companies are constantly trying to reassess their positions in the market and data analytics help them do so. Leveraging data analysis from a specific software puts you at the forefront of business optimization. Never question where you stand again, where you currently are, and where you have stood in the past with powerful analytics technology.

Automation in Accounting

Automation changes the way we think about doing business. In our accounting positions, how often are we plagued with repetitive tasks that take forever and seem elementary? For an experienced employee in an accounting or back-office role, they can do this task easily and usually with very little human error. But this takes years of experience, training, and certification. What if instead of taking the time for someone to learn these skills for them to be eventually trained and pass down this field of knowledge, we purchase a system that already knows how to do these tasks and does it instantly. That’s the power of automation.

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September 3, 2021