Denver, Colorado

Capture Overview

Oracle WebCenter Enterprise Capture provides organizations with a single system to capture both paper and electronic documents. Capture supports both centralized and distributed image capture from a user-friendly web interface capable of using high-volume, production-level scanners. Support for the industry-standard TWAIN scanning interface enables Capture to use a wide variety of industry-leading document imaging scanners to digitize paper content. Existing electronic document files can be easily captured by users or automatically captured through an importing process that can monitor an email server or network folder. Once captured, documents are organized and indexed by applying metadata through manual or automated processes that use bar code recognition technology. After documents are completed, they are committed into a content management system. Capture is fully integrated with Oracle WebCenter Content: Imaging and with Oracle WebCenter Content to provide organizations with one system to capture, store, manage and retrieve their mission critical business content.

March 7, 2020